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Chancellor's Update: Yudof Presents Recommendations — 7/10/09

July 10, 2009

President Yudof has announced the plan for furloughs/salary reductions that he will propose on July 15 to the Regents. The plan is available for download and viewing on the Regents' agenda site..

As you will see, this new plan is responsive to many of the concerns that were raised by faculty and staff during the recent comment period. For example:

  1. Faculty and staff will be allowed furlough days, which need not be taken on holidays.
  2. Concomitant pay reductions will be prorated equally over 12 months, regardless of when furlough days are actually taken.
  3. A more finely graded reduction scale has been developed, ranging from 4 to 10 percent, with higher paid employees taking deeper cuts.
  4. Employees who are funded 100 percent by extramural research funds will be exempt; auxiliary enterprises will not.
  5. Employees in the START program will be exempt from further reductions as long as their current reductions in time are greater than or equal to the cut for their salary band.

These are the highlights; more details are available at the website listed above. Many questions still remain, and we are working with UCOP to answer these as quickly as possible. Nothing will be final, of course, until the Regents take action next week. Further, UCOP will be meeting with the unions to seek their agreement to the plan, once it is approved.

I want to thank the approximately 800 UCR faculty and staff who took the time to comment on the proposed options. While not all of your suggestions could be accommodated, your voices were heard, and the plan attempts to respond to the issues of greatest concern.


Timothy P. White

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