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Chancellor's Update: Furloughs — 7/16/09

July 16, 2009

TO: Faculty and Staff, University of California, Riverside

RE: Furloughs

This link contains a letter from President Yudof describing the action taken on July 16 by The Regents, which goes into effect from September 1, 2009 through August 31, 2010.

The letter describes, for most of our employees, a range of furlough days without pay during these twelve months.  This action effectively decreases salaries from 4 to 10 percent, with those individuals with higher salaries receiving the higher percentage reductions.  In all cases, retirement benefits are protected and accrue as if there were no reductions in salary or time.

Next week, campus leadership, including Academic Senate and Staff Assembly, will gather to discuss implementation mechanics.  Three of the most important include:

  1. Each UC campus has the responsibility and discretion to decide which furlough days will be "fixed" (i.e., all employees take these days, effectively "closing" campus except for 24/7 activities such as health, safety, plant and research operations), and the balance of days that are "floating," in which individual employees decide in consultation with their supervisors/chairs.
  2. We'll discuss the approach for our faculty involved in formal instructional responsibilities.  The senate will also be engaging such discussions.
  3. We will discuss the complexities involved with our co-workers who are in bargaining units.  UCOP will engage immediately with union leadership to seek their concurrence to participate in the furlough program.  If a given union chooses not to, then we will be forced to institute additional lay-offs within such bargaining units. In this regard, I strongly encourage union members to contact their union leadership immediately and voice their preference between some layoffs vs. furloughs.

We plan to post our plan for comment by July 27, and we request your input by August 10 so we may issue a plan by August 17.  We seek to do so in order that each employee can coherently plan her/his vacation and furlough days, and so the university can best deliver its core services of teaching, research/creative activity, and service.

Please know while this plan has been constructed in a very responsive way to the more than 800 inputs received from this campus, and similar numbers from all the other campuses, it is still deeply disappointing that our state's economy is forcing this action.  There is no doubt this action will have significant deleterious effects for our learning and creative activity/research environment, as well as our engagement through outreach.

I again ask for compassion for each other and forbearance during this time, and seek that we work as a community to minimize negative impacts particularly on our entry level faculty and most vulnerable staff employees.  I am proud of our faculty, staff and leadership, who have such strong and unwavering convictions and resolve for the aspirational future of this campus.


Timothy P. White

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