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Campus Closure Days — 8/21/09

August 21, 2009

TO:      UCR Faculty and Staff
RE:       Proposed Campus Closure Days

On July 28, I sent a Scotmail proposing seven days of campus closure during the academic year and seeking feedback from faculty and staff.  The majority of those who responded were clearly in favor of the proposed dates.

 Therefore, I am formally announcing the following dates as campus closure days for the 2009-10 academic year: 

  • December 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, and 30
  • March 25

 Several faculty suggested that consideration be given to utilizing instructional days as faculty furlough days.  After extensive consultation with the Academic Council and Council of Chancellors, President Yudof and Provost Larry Pitts have determined that this will not be allowed.  This is a systemwide policy and not subject to the discretion of individual campuses. 

 During the campus closure periods, employees participating in the furlough plan may use furlough days in advance of accrual.  Employees not included in the furlough plan may use accrued vacation, compensatory time off, or leave without pay.  Employees may utilize a given number of vacation days in advance of their actual accrual as specified in University personnel policies and applicable labor agreements.

 The campus remains engaged in the processes mandated by the Higher Education Employee Relations Act regarding the proposed dates for some represented groups. 

 For a list of frequently asked questions about implementation of the furlough program, please see:

 Dallas Rabenstein
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

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