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Budget Outlook – January 7, 2011

January 7, 2011

TO: The UCR Community
FROM: Chancellor Timothy P. White
RE: Budget Outlook

On Monday, Governor Jerry Brown will release his proposed budget for the state of California. If you have been following the news, you know that he will announce deep cuts in state programs, including the University of California.  These reductions, on top of unfunded mandates, will cut deeply into the campus’s state appropriated general funds.

Next week I will provide you with additional details on what the cut means, given the complex hydraulics related to state reductions, student fee increases, and other forthcoming costs to the University as a whole and UCR in particular. In the meantime, I want to assure you of two things:

First, the campus leadership has been anticipating this situation and, as you would expect and deserve, is working hard and creatively to best manage the situation. Further, I am pleased to announce the formation of a new Chancellor’s Budget Advisory Council, made up of distinguished representatives from across the campus, which will provide important advice to me.

Second, I want to assure you that, despite the anemic state budget, we will not be deterred in achieving our vision for the University of California, Riverside. We have a new strategic plan, UCR 2020, which will serve to guide us through this challenging period, as it will through flush times. While we may dis-invest in some areas, we will continue to invest in others. The plan, guided by the Strategic Planning Implementation Advisory Committee, will provide a way forward and serve as a constant reminder of the greatness to which UCR aspires.

There is no question that these are trying times. But I am confident that UCR will not only ride out the storm, but that we will continue our ascent during the years ahead.

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