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Chancellor’s Budget Advisory Council

Chancellor’s Budget Advisory Council

Our recently completed strategic plan, UCR 2020, will serve as a polestar guiding the use of campus resources in the years ahead. It is clear that in order to ascend to greater heights of academic excellence and to best serve our core mission of teaching and research, UCR must embrace a strategic and transparent approach to resource decisions.

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This council shall be advisory to the chancellor, and is intended to complement rather than supplant existing channels for receiving budgetary input and advice such as the Academic Senate’s Planning & Budget Committee. In addition to regular meetings to discuss matters as they arise, UCR’s Budget Advisory Council will play a critical role in vetting unit-level proposals at our annual set of budget hearings. The council will provide advice and recommendations with an eye toward excellent quality, the common good, strategic advancement, and transparency.

The Budget Advisory Council will approach its charge holistically, since it is necessary to view all campus fund sources, programs and activities comprehensively when evaluating the trade-offs among competing priorities. A comprehensive approach means that up-front investments and ongoing costs are taken into account with respect to recommendations about all new and existing initiatives. The council will help to cultivate a more intelligible budget dialogue among the faculty, staff and other stakeholders on this campus, and will provide guidance about how UCR should go about further advancing this goal (e.g., a budget primer, budget data warehouse tools, etc.).

Guided by our visionary and ambitious strategic plan and an ethos of transparency and trust, the council will be a vital mechanism by which we align our resources with our academic mission and priorities. Our strategic goals in UCR 2020 include academic excellence, diversity, access and engagement. In this way, UCR will be positioned to leverage its resources, both in lean times and flush, over the next decade to achieve optimal benefits for our outstanding faculty and students, and the broader public that we serve.

Although member’s ideas and perspectives are shaped by many influences, including their individual responsibilities and experiences, the council is not “representative” in the sense that members are expected to advocate from their positional responsibilities. Rather, the diverse perspectives and experiences will help inform topics under discussion in a comprehensive and thoughtful manner and that are for the good of the University of California, Riverside.

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